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So last weekend we went to the beach with a couple of friends. It is amazing how just some sand, sun, and water can completely change your perspective and mood. I’d been going through a super depressed slump, both due to some personal things and because of the current political environment. Since I do want to be an Intelligence Analyst at some point, I figure I should do better about keeping up on news, but, man – reading news every day is so depressing! And facebook does not make it better! It like, dramafies everything (yes, yes I did just make that word up). So yeah, downhearted, depressed, didn’t even want to think about writing (More on writing, btw, at my soon to be public-ish blog: Once Upon a Story – you should go look at it to make me feel better about my page views).

Then, I got to the ocean. Oh, glorious sun, sand, waves, water – everything about the beach and ocean is just soothing, and magnificent, and calming and romantic. I swam in the ocean, laid in the sand, enjoyed the feel of the extremely strong sun on me, had ice cream and in general just forgot about the world’s political and moral issues.

But the best part, I think, was that night. Our friends had gotten a hotel on the beach (Yes, my husband and I, being cheapskates, er, *ahem, fiscally responsible?, found a hotel about 20 minutes away that was way cheaper), and after they put their baby to bed, we sat on the balcony and sipped various beverages and chatted quietly and looked out over the ocean. I forget, until I see it, how much I adore the ocean at night. Almost more than during the day. It just looks so . . . magical.  Oh! I even wrote a poem on it! I forgot! I had thought my days of writing random poems were over because I didn’t have a free enough imagination anymore, and then it just suddenly worked. Not that it is good, by any means – it is awful, I am quite sure (some parts rhyme and others don’t) – but it was fun to write, so I will share it with you and then let you get back to your own lives.

Ode to the Ocean (How many times has THAT title been written?)

I should have known by looking over the sea

Never again would my heart and soul be free

The silvery moon wavering over the calm

Only served to further the charm

Oft I’d been told from far and wide

Of the beautiful but cruel mistress of the tide

And that all it took was one’s first glance

Over the vast and indescribable expanse

Your soul would sigh in romantic succumb

To the mysterious deep where the mermaids hum

A desire deep down undoubtedly lit

To never remove from shore or ship

I suddenly knew without thinking twice

Where I would always return, no matter the price

To this intimate, silent, yet resounding lair

That spoke your emotions, understood any despair

And no matter how many books, poems, or emotions

Try to capture the incredible magic of oceans

They will never quite be able to convey

The full majesty of the watery display



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I know I haven’t written in a while. It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to. In fact, I have had multiple ideas and desires for blog posts, for multiple subjects. I wanted to write posts on friendship, the transgender movement, the presidential election, Trump, writing, growing up, fear, and who knows what else. However, my desire to write a blog post was overwhelmed by real life. Who would have guessed?

So, yeah. I was dreadfully sick  from May 11th through May 18th with influenza and pneumonia. And then I was in Vermont on a business trip from May 18th – May 22nd. And then I was in Minnesota from May  25th – May 28th, and then I was at dinner yesterday! I will note that  yesterday and today were my first chances to sleep well and sleep in since I was sick, and, not to disappoint, I slept until 11:00 both days.

So, this morning I woke up, finally feeling rested, and Daniel opened the window shades for me, and I looked out into a gorgeous, sunny day. One of the very few this month (I think my state broke their record for straight days of rain – or very close to). Not to sound too writer-ish, but my heart leapt with joy as I looked outside, and I suddenly felt a desperate need to write, which I decided to put into a long-overdue blog post as I sat on my porch and sipped coffee.

And after all my thoughts about long, deep-thinking posts, all I really want to say is:

Warm, summer days remind me of why I am a writer. They remind me of the sweetness of life. My heart feels overwhelmed with peace and joy as I look out over the gentle swaying leaves and the still clouds in a blue sky. And if you are having a warm beautiful day, then be sure to take some time this morning to look outside and revel in the simple joy of God’s creations.

P. S. I also wrote about writing inspiration in my Story Idyls blog! Aren’t you proud of me? http://storyidyls.blogspot.com/


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I know it has been awhile since I have written. I just – haven’t had much to say. It has been really busy – although for the life of me, I couldn’t say what with. It isn’t like I have been working out or anything. Or even traveling that much. Life just happens. It’s actually a pretty quiet time at work right now, which is a nice change from the last few months. I actually find myself without anything to do sometimes! Other than taking the online FEMA Training courses – but who wants to do that? It is only noon, and I have already turned in a news article and meeting minutes – and, really, I should be sorting emails or doing that dratted old FEMA training course – but neither of those are really high priority, so I thought I would ramble on here instead. I really have my best friend Abby to thank for this post. She noted disappointedly to me yesterday that I hadn’t written in awhile. I am not sure this counts as writing, really, but here it is anyway. 😛

I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th! I certainly had a great weekend. Daniel and I went to the beach Friday. We left work early on Thursday, drove out to Virginia Beach, and got a hotel only like 20 minutes from the beachfront. Thanks to the crazy amount of Hilton honor points I have been collecting via my travel, we were able to stay in a Hilton Garden Inn King Suite with Whirlpool for a mere $75 + 12,00 Hilton points. Daniel has now forgiven me for all my travel.  According to AccuWeather.com, it was supposed to storm all day, and I was properly depressed about it. Daniel assured me that we could sit at a beachside restaurant and drink Margaritas all day if it rained, so that cheered me up some. And he took my hands and prayed that it would be sunny for me, despite my rebellious comment that it wouldn’t work because I had already prayed and the forecast had just gotten worse. I really don’t do well without having had warmth and sun in a while. And it seriously has been raining here almost nonstop for a couple weeks. That point aside, however, God decided to show me how much He loved me despite my stubborn belief He wouldn’t do anything about the weather, and even though the weatherman consistently maintained it was going to be  and rainy all day, we had an incredibly gorgeous sunny day from the time we woke up to the time we got into the car to drive home, whereupon it immediately clouded over and began to rain. How amazing is that? I apologized to God multiple times for my lack of faith. We both even got epically sunburned. Which was totally worth it.

Abby, thanks to her amazing “friends and family discount”, decided to fly out for the Fourth of July and visit me for a day! I was so excited! She ran a 5k Saturday morning, and then ran an additional race immediately after –  through the airport to get to her flight in time. She landed, we picked her up and went straight to a party, and enjoyed the beautiful DC Fireworks display from an incredible rooftop view. Man, I love having friends who have private rooftops – especially when they invite me to their party.

It was raining most of the day, which surprised us, since we don’t really remember a fourth that was so rainy before. But Daniel mentioned it was probably due to the Supreme Court’s recent decision. And I think I agree with him  – I feel like God was crying for the people in the country He blessed us with, and how we are treating the independence He gave us by letting the country go to hell in a handbasket. I, too, am sad for this country and the decisions it has made, and am fearful of the repercussions that will come from it. I have many more thoughts in that score, but don’t feel like sobering this post up that much quite yet.

Oh, going back to the news article mentioned above, it was the first time I have been giving just a plain writing assignment! Most of the writing I have been doing has been documentation, based on previous templates. This time, I was asked to just write a news article on one of our exercises, focusing on the human interest angle – what people got out of it. So I used [minimal] creative license, and wrote the article. And to my delight, there were minimal edits before it was submitted to the newsletter for publication! I hope they accept it, and I hope that it paves the way for me to write more articles!

My sister’s wedding is in less than a month, and I feel so ill-prepared to sing the song she asked me to! I just feel like my voice isn’t quite right for the song, and haven’t sung enough in the last couple years to feel up to par. I really need to crack down on practicing!

Well, I have a 8 minutes so should probably sign off now. If you read this entire post, you are probably either too bored to do anything else, or also avoiding work. Have fun browsing for other stuff to read now! 🙂

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