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. . . that are true for me right now.

  1. I got sick my first week at a new job. Like, seriously???? It could only happen to me. Thursday and Friday – sore/swollen throat and lots of congestion. Yesterday – a not very happy cough and today lost my voice as well. Great first impression, definitely. On the bright side, I am still doing introductory stuff so I don’t have to use my brain much. I just want this to go away before I do. Sigh.
  2. My husband is the epitome of perfection. All these work days as I drag myself out of bed to go to work sick he has gotten up with me, packed me lunch, made me breakfast, laid out vitamins and essential oils, and as soon as I get home from work makes me a hot toddy. He also has kept up with the dishes, laundry, basic housecleaning, found us food, and even cleaned out the fridge yesterday.
  3. Despite all this, I have started NaNoWriMo – granted, I am a few days behind at like 6,000 words, but I have every hope I can catch up – after I get lots and lots of sleep. I am loving seeing all the inspiration on Instagram and NaNoToons and my friend is keeping up with it marvelously which makes me eager to get well enough to catch up as well because I don’t feel like I’m in it alone. It’s amazing what having writing buddies will do.

And that is life right now.


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So, quite a bit has happened since I last wrote. I can’t believe it has been almost a month. But – I am in a new job! I accepted a position as an analyst at the E-ISAC, which stands for Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center. I’ve been here three days and am learning all I can, although a majority of my time has been made up of just doing the reading and introductory items. I think I am going to like this new position though – essentially we are working to increase the physical security of the power grid by monitoring incidents and analyzing trends.

I know a lot of people were surprised to hear that I had taken a new job since I had never or rarely expressed dissatisfaction with my previous job. IT is true, I really liked my previous job; however, the travel was becoming a bit much, I was getting bored, and I had reached the top possible position with no room for promotion or even a raise, so it was only reasonable to move on. This new position is with a private company -which will take some getting used to after working with the government for so long – came with a raise, additional PTO, and plenty of promotion potential. I am also now working in DC proper, which has both its benefits and lack thereof. While I hate the metro and commute, it will be kind of fun to be in the city and able to take more advantage of the museums and restaurants and other things.

Daniel and I are also starting to look at the possibility of buying a house outside of the city area. It will be a longer commute to work, obviously, but we are both about ready to own our own place, so I am pretty excited. We are going with our realtor/friend to look at several houses on the 4th – while we aren’t quite ready to buy yet (have to save a down payment), she said it will help us figure out exactly what we are looking for, which is probably much needed since we have already discovered we had different perceptions of what we wanted.

I’ve not even thought about NaNo, which starts tomorrow and hope that doesn’t come back to bite. 😛 I am sure it will be a little difficult getting back into the mindset of the fantasy I am hoping to finish (remember Ethrill?), but I am also excited to see what happens with it since the characters are taking on lives of their own and I seem to have no control over them whatsoever.

Anyway, that is my lunch break and my updates!

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I hope you all have been having as lovely a month as I have. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband had a weekend away planned for us this past weekend. It was even more lovely than I anticipated. The Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville, VA was just adorable – I am fairly certain that he reserved the biggest suite in the Inn. A Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a settee. . . and just to top it off, he had a dozen red and white roses, a personalized cake, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room for me. He made reservations at an Italian restaurant in town, which had the best tiramasu I have ever tasted! The next day, we visited Monticello, and just to finish off the weekend, we stopped at a winery on the way back for a tasting.

In addition, I have been having a great time learning my new job. It is so much more interesting than my last one, and I actually get to use my brain. The only issue with this, is that I haven’t been asked to use my brain since I graduated – every day I feel how rusty it is! Hopefully I don’t do anything stupid and get fired before I work out all the kinks! 😛

I have been shamefully lax about writing, though! It is time to get back on the ball. I decided to start with Writer’s Digest current “Your Story” competition, which currently consists of just coming up with the beginning sentence for a story based on a picture. “Just”, hm? Amazing how difficult it becomes to come up with an intriguing beginning sentence when you know it is all someone is going to read! Although, I suppose that is something to keep in mind for the future – how many times have I picked up a book, read the first sentence and decided if I am going to like it or not?

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I know, you have all been waiting breathlessly for my next update, which  –  just hasn’t come. I do apologize. I hate to disappoint people who are probably checking every day, just in case. 😛

So, I haven’t updated for two reasons. 1. I haven’t been writing, so I am too ashamed to write. And 2, which is also the reason for 1, it has just been busy! Final week at work  (my husband says my mood hasn’t been so good since our honeymoon), and prepping for Thanksgiving, and a variety of other activities. Saturday, I held my annual Operation Christmas Child Party, where we packed 90 shoeboxes! Slowly going toward my eventual goal of 100 a year. 🙂

And, honestly, I have been tired. I get home and take a nap and still go to bed at a semi-decent hour (which, fyi, is midnight).

BUT – I will get back on the horse – I will! I stopped at 12,000 words about 5 days ago – who knows if I can catch up? But I certainly will try. And I have all day Thursday and Friday to write. Literally, because tomorrow is my last day!!!

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So I made it to 4,800 words! Not much, I confess, compared to where I should be. But, hey, for me it is really good for a week!  Especially a week in which I got what is probably-my-dream-job-and-even-if-it-isn’t-is-an-awfully-big-closer-step-to-it. So, is it terrible that I have had no inspiration to do my utmost at my current job? I plan to fix that on Monday so I can go out with a bang!

Also, I would just like to complain for a second. My coworkers frequently complain that I no longer bring baked goods into the office. But if you would like to know WHY I don’t, then just look at yesterday. I stayed up late on Thursday, made some delicious homemade apple tarts specifically so I could bring them into the office, and, can you guess? That is right. They refused to eat even one. Something about eating right, and dieting, and being on a good path. I give up. From now on, all goodie leftovers go to my husband’s work, where his coworkers gratefully devour everything I send. That is right, from the Dutch apple pie to banana bread – any leftovers? Not even bothering to bring them to my work.

*feeling unappreciated*

Okay – done with that little outburst. Daniel and I had an awesome stay-at-home date last night. I got home and he had a chocolate rose waiting on the table for me, and then we went to the grocery store, picked up some crab legs, $15 bottle of wine, fresh mozzarella, my favorite Madeleines, and each picked out one of those really small but pretty and subsequently semi-expensive desserts they keep in the bakery, and then picked a movie from redbox (using my free monopoly piece code). Then we went home, set up the crackers and cheese, boiled the crab, and watched the movie while we ate. It was totally fun! Not gonna lie, I may have picked The Lego Movie instead of a chick flick. Can anyone blame me? Everything is Awesome! Then, because we had picked out so much yummy food, we pretty much had a second date night tonight to finish it all, and watched Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop, which was also good! But don’t worry – I still fit in 1600 words tonight!

I may not like anything I wrote, but at least I wrote it! And I am posting the below cartoon just because I think it is funny, not because it has any relevance to my post whatsoever, since, for the record I DIDN’T cheat and start before November. . . 😀

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Confession: I wrote only 300 words between yesterday and today.

Reason: I GOT A NEW JOB! After being in jobs I hated – or at least really disliked – for 3 years, I am finally super excited about this upcoming opportunity! So, yeah. last night just as I was sitting down to get in 2000 words, I got the call. Today was just an ecstatic jumping up and down and working out details and signing the offer letter. And TOMORROW I submit my resignation letter! So excited right now!

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