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Yet again, NanoToons manages to capture precisely how I feel. 

It’s November 1st, and yes! I’m doing NaNoToons again for NaNoWriMo. For those who have been following NaNoToons for years, you may have noticed I didn’t do them for October. I didn’t even have one for October 31st, which I normally do. I was even debating whether or not to do them this year! Good […]

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Yup, folks – this is it – another National Novel Writing Month approaching fast! I have convinced at least one of my friends to join me in this venture (finally!) and we have mutually agreed to write completely sappy romance novels. You know the type – like Love Inspired books, where the story line is so corny and full of cliches that it makes you feel like maybe you can write?

We have decided we are going to relax, have fun, and write a book purposefully full of such cliches. And, just to make sure we don’t take it too seriously, we have even agreed to read each other’s books at the end of the month, no matter how awful they are – since they would be awful anyway, at least by today’s standards.

I would like you to know that, between my brother-in-law’s wedding, guests staying for a few days, and thanksgiving, I have no idea how I am going to accomplish this, but hopefully the lack of pressure in writing a serious book will help. I’ve also been told I should go out of my comfort zone just a little and set in modern days to help lessen pressure even more. So, we’ll see how this turns out!

My husband thinks I ought to post what I’ve written every day, since I am making an effort to not really care if the writing is good or not. I don’t know if I don’t care THAT much. But we’ll see.

Have fun in your own endeavors!

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Some people are upset when fall days are not crisp and cool, befitting the colors on the trees. But days like this, with the sun shining down as though it were spring filled with hope rather than an upcoming, cold and dark winter, fill me with such joy. You cannot beat the feel of the sun coming down and gracing your skin with its presence, as though a constant reminder that God loves you, nor the slightly cool breeze that occasionally floats by to give you just enough relief to let you enjoy the sun all that much more. I could sit outside for hours on a day like this.

I am sitting here on the balcony now, re-reading Pat of Silver Bush and reveling in the descriptions of scenery and joy that the little girl has in her house, her fields, and days, whether summer or winter. There is a magic in the words that L.M. Montgomery weaves – a magic that I desperately would love to capture in my own writing. I suppose experienced writers would tell me it takes experience, while savvy writers would tell me such things don’t sell anymore. But if it still thrills my soul at 30, surely there are still some girls out there looking for books that weave magic.

Days like this I can almost believe I can do it myself. Days like this remind me of flower fairies, wood elves, and God’s love surrounding every one of us.

I went to a literary festival yesterday with workshops to improve your writing and the one on revision had me actually hand a stranger the first five pages of my book and ask him to critique it. What a stretch that was! Far more stretching than I think I would have been brave enough for, had I known ahead of time. But it ended up good! He, being completely unbiased and not a huge fan of Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery type books, was able to offer straightforward and much needed advice. I finally understand what the books mean when you say you need to trust your reader. He pointed out the areas where I felt like I had to describe in detail what was happening because I was afraid the reader wouldn’t understand it. More than that, he explained I also had to trust myself – trust that I was conveying the information I needed to without explaining it in three different ways. It seriously was the most helpful advice I think I’ve ever received – which is reasonable since I almost never show anyone my writing. I also critiqued the first pages of his book, which didn’t need a lot of changes – we have probably as opposite styles as you could possibly think of, but it was good, because I could see his short and to the point sentences, where mine ramble on.

It was my first time going to such a thing, and it was really inspiring – and I got to hear from other people who actually are writers or trying to be writers, who know the difficulties and don’t just vaguely say, “Oh, I want to write a book too!” There is something inspiring about knowing you are not the only one having struggles. Speaking of which, all I need to struggle with right now is whether to sit in the sun and read or keep editing my book. I think I might read and just soak in the success of one of my all-time favorite authors in hopes it will inspire me for the upcoming National Novel Writing Month.

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Last year I was so good about writing multiple times during NaNo. It rather kept me going, you know, feeling like people were enjoying keeping up with my progress, whether it was true or not. 🙂 This year. Well, I got a very good start, as you know. And I was actually quite good at continuing. I was ahead in my word count almost the entire time, until last Sunday. Then I was out late and woke up sick Monday morning and everything went downhill from there. A week later and I’ve not written a word. On the up side, I am finally feeling well again. Mostly, anyway. I am at my in-laws for the week, where I will now be attempting to balance teleworking with family time and writing. I was going to give up on NaNo. But two things are keeping me going:

  1. Daniel. Apparently he doesn’t think I should quit.
  2. Stubbornness. I just don’t like losing. So, I am going to keep trying.

Anyway – the short story thing seems to be going fairly well other than the previous week. It is nice to have shorter goals. To begin and end things fairly quickly. To increase my creativity by forcing myself to come up with multiple story ideas. I really feel like this will be good for me in more ways than one. Here is to hoping all of you other NaNo writers out there are doing better than I!

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It is officially NaNoWriMo! So,to celebrate it,  I am sharing the November 1st NaNoToons – because they are the best. And, although I was up past midnight last night, no I did not start writing. But I don’t feel guilty. You know why? Because Daniel is bringing me to a wine/coffee bar tonight specifically to get a good start on this year’s book! I’m super excited about it. I think it will be a great time to get going, and I am going to trust that the words (and story ideas!) will come. I’m such a Pantser!

It’s November 1st! Huzzah! The writing has begun! Yes, I’ve changed the look again. I made it match the NaNoWriMo facebook cover. For those of you new to NaNoToons and don’t know who Mel and Tala are, their main arc started last year. I probably should explain all the characters. And update the cast page. […]

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One more day to NaNoWriMo!!! Am I scared, you ask? Why yes, yes I am. Terrified that I am going to sit in front of my keyboard and have absolutely  nothing to say. But I’ve won NaNo twice in a row now, and I am determined to make it a third! And if there is anyone more determined than me – it is my husband. Yup. He insists (as you will also see if you visit Once Upon a Story) that I am going to do it, and that I am going to actually keep up on my wordcount this year so I am not trying to cram 5,000 words a day in the last week of the month. He has grand plans for how to accomplish this too – apparently, he is going to play video games every evening after dinner until I finish my word count so that I can’t be distracted by him. And he knows how much I hate to feel ignored when he plays video games for an extended amount of time. So it will probably work. Oooh, and I came up with a great way to get ideas for short stories, since I’m kind of drawing a blank right now, but you’ll have to visit Once Upon a Story to see it, because I don’t feel like typing it all out again. 😛

Daniel and I did a photo shoot yesterday! A mutual friend (someone from college) has decided to go into photography (is there anyone left who hasn’t?) and asked us to model for her to help build her portfolio. In exchange we will get a few free pictures and have the option to purchase the rest at a flat fee. Even if we just stick with the few free pictures, I think it will be nice. We had fun shooting pictures, too – at least until a sudden storm sent us scurrying into the underground mall, cutting it short.

Oh, and you should be proud of me – I already ordered our Christmas cards for the year! I know. So ahead of schedule. Let’s hope I get them out on time now that I worked so hard to order them in time.

And in case anyone is still reading this and curious about my progress on Ethrill. . .I am unfortunately not going to make it to 100,000 words before tomorrow. I gave it a good go, though, and am at 88,000. My hope is to make it to at least 90,000 and then I will feel like I actually wrote a decent amount and will probably have to split it into two books anyway – so it counts as finishing, right? As nervous as I am to start the short story series for NaNo, I am that excited to start editing Picture of the Past- I know – who would have imagined excitement to EDIT your book? But I am so eager to have a finished book – and I know it will be way more work than I think it will be right now – but I think it will be worth it. Plus, I do like having an excuse to research historical fashion and events – and this not only gives me the opportunity, but further ingrains it into my memory because I’ll have to implement it into the book. The main thing I need to do, I know, is to integrate one or two other story lines into it so the book isn’t so completely focused on Elizabeth. I need more depth. I’m kind of nervous to figure out how to do that, but I’ll give it a good try.

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