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So I have decided to work on my fantasy novel as my main concentration for now while I do researching/editing on Picture of the Past (the novel I just finished) as more of a side note. Mostly because – well – one, because I am actually having more fun writing the fantasy novel than I did Picture of the Past! I feel like it is just flowing more naturally. We’ll find out when we view both completed products though, right? Although they couldn’t possibly be two more different books unless I wrote horror, which I don’t. Seriously – a tragic romance set on the Oregon trail about a girl finding herself vs. a divorced man traveling to another dimension and going through a series of adventures, during which he . . . figures out who he is . . .ooooh – yes, yes I guess I do have a trend with my stories. Oh, well. Most people do. ūüôā

Anyway, but also because I want to have a repertoire of finished draft stories on my hard drive that I can be working on at all times and have available for samples when the day finally comes that I start seriously trying to get published.

I am alone this weekend – Daniel is gone camping, but the introvert side of me desperately needed this. I don’t even mind that it is rainy. It is kind of awesome to sit here on the couch and watch the rain come down while I type out a random blog post and listen to Michael W. Smith’s beautiful worship music.

It is a strange life, here, in some ways. I feel the need for time alone a lot because – well – I am never alone. I am with coworkers most of the time, especially on travel, and then with my husband when I am at home. Much as I adore my husband and hate being apart from him, he can usually tell when I need time alone because I start getting antsy and indecisive and generally irritated for no reason. Yet, at the same time – despite needing time alone – sometimes I get kind of lonely too. Lonely for a friend, that is. I have one friend out here – and she is 30 minutes away in good traffic and has a baby. I have 4 other people I would consider good friends, two of which live in Colorado, one of which lives in Mississippi, and one of which lives in Canada. Yup. Canada. As lovely as it is to have good enough friends that we are still friends despite living states (and countries!) away, we all have busy lives and don’t talk nearly enough. I miss you dearly, girls!

Sometimes, I would just love to have a friend to randomly go out with me for coffee or wine or to the library, and sit and chat and shop, and get manicures, and talk about writing and reading. But if I really want a friend out here, that means making a new friend – and I hate the thought of that more than not having anyone to go to coffee with. It seems the less I talk to people (outside of work) the less I want to. I think I am more introverted than I was before I went to college. And that is saying something!

Okay – I am sure this post is long enough to glaze your eyes over, so if you got this far, I am impressed. Thanks for always letting me ramble!


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So, I was looking at comics about introverts – because – let’s face it, there are some hysterical ones out there. Plus it comforts me to know that there are people who understand how I feel, like, ALL the time. But I ran into one that I found particularly hysterical today, though a large part of me feels I probably shouldn’t find it so funny. Nonetheless, I had to share it.


How to Kill an Introvert

How to Kill an Introvert


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Like a lot of¬†Americans, I suspect, I have difficulties making the most of my time. It is just so easy to plop on the couch after work, think to myself, I’ve worked hard today earning a paycheck, I deserve to sit here and watch a movie or Dick Van Dyke, or otherwise do nothing productive unless I have to. This attitude is suicide for my writing career/plans, since evening is really the only time I have to write, unless I want to get up super early, which is next to impossible for a night owl like me. But evening is also the only time for me to clean and decorate my house, cook food for both dinner and the next day, and spend time with friends (few as they are) and my husband. Not to mention working out, reading, cross-stitching, or the other myriad of things I either enjoy doing or want to enjoy doing. I am sorry, but 4 hours just is not enough time to fit everything in! (That assumes, inaccurately, that I go to bed at a reasonable time) So usually, instead, I get home, think of everything I either want to or should do, become overwhelmed, make dinner, and spend the rest of the evening on the couch doing none of it because I can’t decide on a priority. By the way, if any of you readers balance a home life (without kids) and a career and a passion for writing, feel free to share how you manage your time.

So, anyway, I realized recently, that with all of the travel I am going to be taking, I will have a lot of down time at airports and on flights and even time alone in the hotel room at night. Once I thought about it, I realized it was almost like God shouting at me – “Hey, look what I am doing for you! I am removing distractions, allowing you to get paid, and work on your writing at the same time!” Ooohhh. What more can a writer/introvert ask for than an hour to 3 hours on an airplane with headphones and writing supplies, and then complete solitude in a hotel room that night? Discipline, apparently. Until the realization of just how blessed I am to have this opportunity really hit me, I spent the time alone mostly watching TV – again.

But I am determined to make the most of my time for once. I just got back from a trip to Boston, and between the airplane and the hotel room, I wrote about 800 words in my book (terribly ill-written, but written nonetheless), almost caught up on my Writer’s Digest magazines, caught up on my email/facebook messages, and even had a little time for reading. I turned the tv on a couple times, and forced myself to turn it off soon after. ¬†I didn’t do as well on the return flight, mostly because I had a middle seat and didn’t like the idea of my seatmates watching me try to type¬†or write¬†a sappy story. So I read instead. But still! I call that improvement! And I am going to continue to work to discipline myself and make the most of the time God has given me.

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This comic strip spoke to my heart:

Day Of Arranging Zeroes And Ones - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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