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I just shared a post from one of my favorite bloggers: BlondeWriteMore – if you are a fellow writer, you should check it out! I was just thinking yesterday about how to connect more with my main character in my book Picture of the Past, and I think this will be very helpful as I get ready to edit it.

Speaking of which, I just printed it out for the first time! You know, now that I have my printer and everything. 😛 It is so rough, with so many mistakes, and not even divided into paragraphs or chapters – but it is 127 lovely pages that are all mine.

I am still concentrating on my book Ethrill, as I would really like to finish it this year. But unless my character decides to hurry up and return home, I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband’s prediction is right – and it will either end up being a very long book or two books. . .

Well, I guess we’ll see. You can only rush your characters so much, and he seems determined to take this long journey with the elf (can you tell I was reading Lord of the Rings when I started writing this? Hey  – at least I am willing to admit it.)

But if you want to see my planned writing schedule for the fall, as well as my plan for NaNoWriMo, check Once Upon a Story, because I don’t feel like rewriting it all. 😛

So, remember my “Training a Husband” rant? And how immediately before the rant, I mentioned I was thinking about asking my friends to do the writing exercises with me? Well, one of my friends read that, and immediately went out and ordered the book! How awesome is that? My Gibson Girls are the best! It in the words of Mr. Bennet, “I defy even Sir William Lucas himself to produce a more valuable [friend(s)].”

Oh, more good news! We won our contract, so I’m not out of a job! Always a good feeling.

And now back to my work (wherein-I-may-ahem-be-interspersing-some-writing-ahem-please-don’t-tell).


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So I have decided to work on my fantasy novel as my main concentration for now while I do researching/editing on Picture of the Past (the novel I just finished) as more of a side note. Mostly because – well – one, because I am actually having more fun writing the fantasy novel than I did Picture of the Past! I feel like it is just flowing more naturally. We’ll find out when we view both completed products though, right? Although they couldn’t possibly be two more different books unless I wrote horror, which I don’t. Seriously – a tragic romance set on the Oregon trail about a girl finding herself vs. a divorced man traveling to another dimension and going through a series of adventures, during which he . . . figures out who he is . . .ooooh – yes, yes I guess I do have a trend with my stories. Oh, well. Most people do. 🙂

Anyway, but also because I want to have a repertoire of finished draft stories on my hard drive that I can be working on at all times and have available for samples when the day finally comes that I start seriously trying to get published.

I am alone this weekend – Daniel is gone camping, but the introvert side of me desperately needed this. I don’t even mind that it is rainy. It is kind of awesome to sit here on the couch and watch the rain come down while I type out a random blog post and listen to Michael W. Smith’s beautiful worship music.

It is a strange life, here, in some ways. I feel the need for time alone a lot because – well – I am never alone. I am with coworkers most of the time, especially on travel, and then with my husband when I am at home. Much as I adore my husband and hate being apart from him, he can usually tell when I need time alone because I start getting antsy and indecisive and generally irritated for no reason. Yet, at the same time – despite needing time alone – sometimes I get kind of lonely too. Lonely for a friend, that is. I have one friend out here – and she is 30 minutes away in good traffic and has a baby. I have 4 other people I would consider good friends, two of which live in Colorado, one of which lives in Mississippi, and one of which lives in Canada. Yup. Canada. As lovely as it is to have good enough friends that we are still friends despite living states (and countries!) away, we all have busy lives and don’t talk nearly enough. I miss you dearly, girls!

Sometimes, I would just love to have a friend to randomly go out with me for coffee or wine or to the library, and sit and chat and shop, and get manicures, and talk about writing and reading. But if I really want a friend out here, that means making a new friend – and I hate the thought of that more than not having anyone to go to coffee with. It seems the less I talk to people (outside of work) the less I want to. I think I am more introverted than I was before I went to college. And that is saying something!

Okay – I am sure this post is long enough to glaze your eyes over, so if you got this far, I am impressed. Thanks for always letting me ramble!


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This makes me wish I had a friend nearby who also liked to write. Granted, we might just spend the evening commiserating on how we aren’t writing anything and will never make 50,000 words, but still – it is the thought that counts!



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