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I’m sorry this is not a story update, but I thought I’d give a little glimpse of what I am currently working on by way of an excuse for not writing more.

Thanksgiving week was crazy busy. We were at my in-laws all week, and I took charge of all meals. My youngest sister-in-law has a terrible case of ulcerative colitis and cannot leave her bed most days, and therefore my mother-in-law is exhausted. By way of giving her a break, I basically took over while I was there, which I was more than happy to do, but meant I spent a majority of my time in the kitchen if we weren’t visiting with family. I have also been appointed the Thanksgiving coordinator, which means I was in charge of coordinating and supervising Thanksgiving dinner, as well as cooking several of the dishes. Again, totally fine and fun! Everyone knows I love organizing and scheduling things! But again, not a lot of time for writing or anything else, really. So we came back Sunday, after driving through the night (18 hour drive, not counting stops), exhausted, but happy we went, as always.

After a 5 hour nap, we got up and immediately began preparations for our huge Christmas party on Saturday. Let me tell you about this Christmas party. I have always wanted to host a cocktail party and a Christmas party, so with how weekends worked out this year, we decided to combo it and do a cocktail Christmas party! Of course, me being me, I wanted to make it all pretty and formal, and I’m super excited about it! We just messed up on one thing . . . we assumed most people would not be available since in previous events we have hosted, only half the people say yes, if that. So we invited about 40 people, in hopes of having between 15 and 20, with a minimum of like 12 and, so we assumed, a maximum of 20.

Can you guess how many are coming? As of right now, 33. So. We are cooking for over 30 people. Formal dishes. Appetizer portions, but still. Not to mention the variety of cocktails and beverages. So this has become a bit pricey and rather time consuming. It took me like 3 hours Sunday  night to make the grocery list and then purchase about 3/4 of it on Walmart grocery pickup to save at least some time. We’ve been slowly purchasing other items throughout the month, but last night we had to go out and finish getting a majority of groceries and all the random stuff we hadn’t gotten yet, like cups and napkins and toys for the kids that will be coming, etc. I can’t even think about the amount of money spent without a shudder. With the result that both Sunday night and last night, we only got about 5 hours of sleep. And no writing time.

I had to write extremely elaborate schedules for Thursday – Saturday to ensure I would have enough time for everything. Tonight is the bake meat pies / set up Christmas decorations / buy and set up the Christmas tree / buy the stuff we couldn’t get yesterday night. Tomorrow is the clean the entire house (man, does it need it!) / finish Christmas decorations / set up all the tables and decorations / make the party favors night. Thursday – Saturday: Cook, cook, and cook some more. And also try to find room in the freezer. Which may not be possible. So maybe buy ice and keep stuff in a cooler instead.

So that is my life update. Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be a ton of fun and I am glad we are doing it – it just means very little room to breathe right now.

Hourglass small at top (time left), big at bottom (stuff to do).


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It has been so long since I have written, that I do not even remember what my last post was about! Ah, such is life. A very busy life, I might add – though that does not translate to bad. I was sick a lot of February – and by a lot, I mean like 2 weeks, which seems like forever. But then, shortly after I finally was better, Daniel and I went on a cruise! It was a great break away from everything – one I desperately needed, I think. We decided to make it a vacation of renewal – renewal both physically and spiritually. We slept a lot – didn’t even get off the boat in Florida! And we brought this Bible Study book on Prayer – called Too Busy Not to Pray, which we did twice a day most days, and then spent more time in prayer as well. It was surprisingly refreshing, and we both really enjoyed it! The book itself was excellent, and we made some life changes as a result. Of course, life changes are hard to completely implement, and we have struggled the last few week with keeping up the changes we are working to implement, since, rather ironically, we were busy prepping for Easter. We hosted a lovely dinner, used it as an excuse to purchase more china, bringing us up to 9 sets of dinner wear, and 12 of each of our wine glasses. The table looked gorgeous  if I do say so myself, and I had so much fun with dinner. The main entree/sides were normal buffet style (ham, potato salad [family recipe], potato rolls, and asparagus with tomatoes and feta cheese), but as a first course, I served small cobb salads, pre-plated using presentation rings, which I totally should have taken a picture of but forgot to. This was following appetizers, of course. And dessert was macarons, and orange chocolate truffles dipped in milk chocolate, pecans, and cocoa nibs. All in all, I’m pretty sure it went well and everyone had a great time.

And now here I am in Cleveland for a business meeting. On the upside, my hotel has an open bar from 5:30 – 7:30. On the downside, I came down with my computer intending to work on my book and two of my coworkers found me and joined me. So, yeah.

However, Daniel brought me to a nice coffee/wine bar last night and I got to write with headphones one for like two hours without interruption. It is one of the loveliest things I’ve done in a very long time.

Anyway – that’s it for now.


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