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Today is one of those days. Where nothing seems quite right, and you are out of temper though you cannot quite describe why. I feel randomly emotional, and melancholy, and altogether have a longing for something I cannot explain.

Today is one of those days. I do not want to be in a city, surrounded by people. I am sick of people pushing at my backside when I do not walk quickly enough for them, of rushing up and down the escalators, running to catch a train, being scared of being trampled to death if I dare pause near a doorway, stairway, escalator, or even on a sidewalk.

Today is one of those days. I have a sudden wish for a walk through a forest, the sounds of birds instead of construction, the lovely, lonely view of forest or an ocean or a mountain, or even just beautiful sky. I want to sit on the edge of a cliff and “just feel a prayer.” I don’t want to hear chattering voices behind me, constantly aware of the click of heels or boots rapidly approaching behind me and wondering if they are going to ride me all the way to my destination or deign to go around me.

Today is one of those days. I just want to drink in the scent of lovely flowers and trees and nature without drinking someone’s cigarette smoke in with it. I want to sit in utter silence as long as i want to without feeling like someone is waiting for me to move out of their way. I want to get lost in thought with only the wind to interrupt me. I don’t want to think about the monotony of work, or how I am going to receive criticism on every deliverable I submit no matter how hard I work on it, or how many long hours I need to work just to have enough PTO to go somewhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want the beauty of nature, the warmth of the sun, an unrealistic book, and the solitude of a forest path to take it away from me.

Today – is just one of those days.

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So, I love cities. Weird, I know, considering my upbringing. And, really, I believe I am the only person in my whole family who legitimately loves cities. But I do – I love looking out over hundreds of huge buildings, and the sounds of life, even the cars passing by. There is something so alive about it all. Conversely, I hate crowds. Love cities, hate crowds. No wonder people have a hard time understanding me. I don’t understand myself!

Of course, it does not follow that I don’t like the country. I love walks through quiet woods (okay, as long as they have a walkable walkway), and especially sitting next to streams or meadows. On the up side, at least I am easy to please. 😛

The point being, however, that I love living in DC, love having a place with a rooftop terrace so I can look out over the capital of the free world, and love being able to walk anywhere I need to go.

Yup. I am a city girl.

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