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I have gotten little done for NaNo, though I have every intention of catching up at some point. It’s always hard when you have visitors. I once again don’t like what’s happening in my story, but rather than rewrite it, I’ve decided  to make my character a little older and see if that helps fix it – without actually going back and changing the beginning, since the whole point of NaNo is to just write, and if i get caught up re-writing, I’ll never get done.

It’s a beautiful day today. In the 60s, and our first day playing Christmas music. Playing Christmas music, with windows open, while baking, seems rather odd, not going to lie. But also nice. I would positively be enjoying today, if I wasn’t dreading this week so much.

My company is doing an critical infrastructure exercise this week, which means longer hours, and a lot of work that I am not confident I can do well. For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know that I did exercises for 4 years. So, what’s the big deal? Well, this is the first time I”ll actually be participating in the exercise rather than running it. I mean, our company is running most of it, but my team personally is mostly just participating, so I’m very unhappy about it. I’d rather be in control telling others what to do. Ha – does that sound like an Enneagram One, or what?

Anyway, I just finished making a cake for work tomorrow that did not rise and tastes funny, so Daniel and his mom went to the store to get a couple ingredients for me to try again. So I am taking a few minutes to sit on the porch with a light shawl, take turns writing this, and staring out into the beautiful weather and try to tamp down this feeling of dismay within me that is impacting what should be a great day.

Just to ramble a little more in my effort to figure this out. I think I am dreading this week, yes, but also we have not a single free weekend between now and New Year’s, and we are starting house-hunting next weekend, and I have three more trips (two personal, one business) between now and New Years, and we just found out our car needs like $3,000 worth of repairs (it’s worth $1500), so I am sure all that is also impacting my mood. I suppose it could also be a lack of introvert time.

I’m so glad I went on that cruise, though. Can you imagine if I’d gone directly from work trips and finishing school to regular workdays without a break that involved sunshine, water, and best friends? I’d probably be an emotional wreck instead of just internally frustrated at my calendar.

And now I’m going to stop using this like a journal and just say – good luck to all you Nano-ers! I hope you are further along than me!



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We had company tonight until almost midnight. I woke up at 9:00 AM and immediately started baking. I took a break to get some supplies from Costco and Whole Paycheck – er, I mean, Whole Foods – and then cooked some more. I made a lovely cake roll filled with pudding and whipping cream, Chocolate Revel Bars, Lemon Bars, Caprese Skewers, and beef stuffed crescent rolls. A rather good spread, if I do say so myself especially since we didn’t know we were hosting until yesterday. It was really fun actually to focus on some baking. I do love it and I rarely do it now that I am ALWAYS on a diet.

But anyway, although it is now almost 1:00 AM I did my 10 minutes of editing! I am on page 50 of 104, so not nearly as far along as I originally thought. I think this section focuses far too much on telling rather than showing, but I haven’t quite figured out how to “show” something when it is one person struggling through realizations as opposed to conversations. I wonder if other authors have trouble with that too?


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Tonight I made lasagna, baking powder biscuits, and, again, salad. Although, I don’t think the salad should count since it is a pre-mixed bag. Because I grew up saving money, I still always immediately grab the most inexpensive ingredient I see at the grocery store. This time, interestingly, the least expensive cheese for my lasagna was Velveeta’s new shredded mozzarella, on sale for only $2 a bag! It actually gave the lasagna a very rich, creamy taste. I haven’t decided if I like it better or not, but Daniel’s family didn’t seem to mind. I did love the new baking powder biscuit recipe I found! Best batch I have made in a long time, I think! I think I will bookmark this recipe: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/basic-biscuits

I am slowly working my way back up to writing. On Friday, I began writing [very light] character sketches for everyone in my book. I was starting to lose track of names, which is never good. Plus I discovered that, true to Writer’s Digest articles, knowing the background of your characters, whether your audience knows them or not, helps you know where you want to go next in your story and adds depth to the character. So this may be one of my new writing-stalling techniques. If I don’t know what to write, maybe I will work on the background sketches. It will make me feel like I am working without actually having to come up with the next piece of the story. 😛

An article I read in one of my Writer’s Digest magazines did help me, though. It recommended giving your character a scar or trauma from his or her background. In other words, something bad that happened that helped make them who they are or influences who they are now. Well, that wouldn’t work with Elizabeth, since the general point is that she has never had to deal with hardship her entire life. But that doesn’t mean her mother couldn’t have had something in her background – and that maybe she could tell the story to Elizabeth, and that maybe that would be the true turning point in Elizabeth’s attitude! This has been a problem I have had, you see – how does someone self-centered and unhappy finally begin to notice others around her and take little steps toward becoming a new person? Movies have it easy. Begin nostalgic music sequence, show-several-flash-scenes-slowly-becoming-closer-with-hated-person-and-smiling-more, have-one-scene-with-enlightened-look, end music sequence: presto, changed person. Books, you actually have to spell it out. The thought process, the reasons, the scene. So, if Breanna (Elizabeth’s mother) would just be so good as to tell me what she suffered, then a part of my problem would be solved. I had this idea of what she was going to say to Elizabeth on the plane Friday, but wanted to put it off until I wasn’t so close to landing, and, of course, have completely lost what it was. I should know better than to wait to write down an inspiration by now.

Ah, me. The things you forget after not writing for awhile.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day (again), and inviting you to remember to write for 15 minutes – or at least to remind me to, since I am sure I will put it off without a reminder. 😛

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Today was my first truly relaxing day in ages. Granted, last Sunday, I did nothing but sleep all day, but I felt like that was more  recovering from the previous couple weeks and simultaneously saving up to survive the next couple weeks. Today felt different, mostly, I think, because I get three days in a row to relax. Granted, today probably wasn’t everyone’s idea of relaxing. I am at Daniel’s family’s house in Oklahoma right now. Last week was a very busy Monday and Tuesday, trying to get anything I needed to done at the office, and then very long days in Kansas City as I worked on all our projects at once. I put in 61 hours last week! So, it took awhile to shake off the feeling that I needed to work, but after that, really enjoyed not worrying about anything. I slept in until 9:30 or so, and didn’t get up until at least an hour later. Then Daniel went to help his dad with fixing a fence and I spent the afternoon making a robot shaped cake for his dad’s birthday. Like I said, not everyone would find that relaxing, but it was my first time baking in weeks (other than last night), and I found it therapeutic. Last night I made an apple crisp pizza, which was also awesome.

I was going to write more – but I am enjoying some wine, and watching Cars (Yes, Cars), so have lost my train of thought. 🙂

Enjoy Memorial weekend, everyone!

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So I made it to 4,800 words! Not much, I confess, compared to where I should be. But, hey, for me it is really good for a week!  Especially a week in which I got what is probably-my-dream-job-and-even-if-it-isn’t-is-an-awfully-big-closer-step-to-it. So, is it terrible that I have had no inspiration to do my utmost at my current job? I plan to fix that on Monday so I can go out with a bang!

Also, I would just like to complain for a second. My coworkers frequently complain that I no longer bring baked goods into the office. But if you would like to know WHY I don’t, then just look at yesterday. I stayed up late on Thursday, made some delicious homemade apple tarts specifically so I could bring them into the office, and, can you guess? That is right. They refused to eat even one. Something about eating right, and dieting, and being on a good path. I give up. From now on, all goodie leftovers go to my husband’s work, where his coworkers gratefully devour everything I send. That is right, from the Dutch apple pie to banana bread – any leftovers? Not even bothering to bring them to my work.

*feeling unappreciated*

Okay – done with that little outburst. Daniel and I had an awesome stay-at-home date last night. I got home and he had a chocolate rose waiting on the table for me, and then we went to the grocery store, picked up some crab legs, $15 bottle of wine, fresh mozzarella, my favorite Madeleines, and each picked out one of those really small but pretty and subsequently semi-expensive desserts they keep in the bakery, and then picked a movie from redbox (using my free monopoly piece code). Then we went home, set up the crackers and cheese, boiled the crab, and watched the movie while we ate. It was totally fun! Not gonna lie, I may have picked The Lego Movie instead of a chick flick. Can anyone blame me? Everything is Awesome! Then, because we had picked out so much yummy food, we pretty much had a second date night tonight to finish it all, and watched Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop, which was also good! But don’t worry – I still fit in 1600 words tonight!

I may not like anything I wrote, but at least I wrote it! And I am posting the below cartoon just because I think it is funny, not because it has any relevance to my post whatsoever, since, for the record I DIDN’T cheat and start before November. . . 😀

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